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YearCodeTitlePDFRecordedSubjectYearDateStart TimeEnd TimeSpeakersCurrent FeeCe Hours
2023 W100R1 Accurate Alginate Impressions and Model Po Auxiliaries202302-23-202312:30 PM3:30 PMSarah Conroy$0.003.00
2023 W100 Accurate Alginate Impressions & Model Pouring Techniques Auxiliaries202302-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMSarah Conroy$0.003.00
2023 W101R1 CPR/AED Certification: BLS Healthcare Professional CPR/BLS202302-23-202312:30 PM3:30 PMVickie Onesti$0.003.00
2023 W101 CPR/AED Certification: BLS for the Healthcare Professional CPR/BLS202302-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMVickie Onesti$0.003.00
2023 W108 Suturing for the GP & Surgical Staff Surgery202302-23-202312:30 PM3:30 PMLee Silverstein$0.003.00
2023 W102 Atraumatic Extractions & Socket Grafting for the GP, Staff Surgery202302-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMLee Silverstein$0.003.00
2023 W110 Positioning for Life: Ergonomics for the dental hygienist Ergonomics202302-23-20231:00 PM4:00 PMJudy Bendit$0.003.00
2023 W103 Smarten UP & Sharpen UP: It's the right thing to do Hygiene202302-23-20238:30 AM11:30 AMJudy Bendit$0.003.00
2023 W303 Ergonomics: It’s a Balancing Act Ergonomics202302-25-20238:30 AM11:30 AMNancy Dewhirst$0.003.00
2023 W206 Infection Control Workshop: What Works? Infection Control202302-24-20231:00 PM4:00 PMNancy Dewhirst$0.003.00
2023 W111 Simplified Diastema Closure for Every Dentist Restorative202302-23-20231:00 PM4:00 PMBob Margeas$0.003.00
2023 W105 Composite resin veneer to rival Porcelain Restorative202302-23-20238:30 AM11:30 AMBob Margeas$0.003.00
2023 W106 Bring the Denture Lab to Your Office: The How-To For Denture Repairs Denture Repair202302-23-20239:00 AM12:00 PMRichard Bona$0.003.00
2023 L276 Become The Whitening Specialist Auxiliaries202302-24-20231:30 PM4:30 PMShannon Pace Brinker$0.003.00
2023 L243 Photographing Patients' Malocclusion Auxiliaries202302-24-20239:00 AM12:00 PMShannon Pace Brinker$0.003.00
2023 W113 Ceramic Implant Workshop Implants202302-23-20231:30 PM4:30 PMAdam Hogan$0.003.00
2023 W107 Application of Mini’s & Overdentures in the Edentulous Arch Implants202302-23-20239:00 AM12:00 PMCorey Raymond$0.003.00
2023 W109 Chairside Assistant's Role in Dental Implants Implants For Aux202302-23-20231:30 PM4:30 PMBrian Butler$0.003.00
2023 FSL115 Full Mouth Implant Prosthodontics: The (Digital) Nuts and Bolts of Treatment Prosthodontics202302-23-20238:00 AM9:30 AMNaif Sinada$0.001.50
2023 SL117 Guided Implant Surgery Increase Accuracy, Efficiency & Reduce Stress Fxd Pros202302-23-20238:00 AM9:30 AMKevin Kopp$0.001.50
2023 L118 Are You Numb Yet? Pharmacology of Local Anesthesia Anesthesia202302-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMAlan Budenz$0.003.00
2023 L119 Dispelling 'CSI Effect' Myth: Overview of Contemporary Forensic Dentistry Forensics202302-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMAnthony Cardoza$0.003.00
2023 FL150 Endodontic Update: Incorporating Modern Ideas & Technology to Improve Outcomes Endodontics202302-23-202312:30 PM3:30 PMLogan Bell, Richard Pasiewicz$0.003.00
2023 L121 HIPAA Compliance How Well Are You Really Protected? Osha/Hipaa202302-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMMary Govoni$0.003.00
2023 L122 Endo for GPs: Better_ Safer _ Faster Root Canals Endodontics202302-23-20238:00 AM11:00 AMManor Haas$0.003.00