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YearCodeTitlePDFRecordedSubjectYearDateStart TimeEnd TimeSpeakersCurrent FeeCe Hours
2021 V112 Compassionate Care for Kids & Parents: Behavior Management in the Pediatric Setting Pediatric Dentistry202102-25-20218:00 AM9:30 AMGreg Psaltis$0.001.50
2021 V125 Peri Implant Disease Risk Factors, Diagnosis, and Treatment Periodontics202102-25-202111:00 AM12:30 PMBradley DeGroot$0.001.50
2021 V109 Predictable Direct Restorative Techniques Restorative202102-25-20218:00 AM9:30 AMJeff Brucia$0.001.50
2021 V100 Top 10 Management Tools Business/Communications202102-25-20218:00 AM9:30 AMLois Banta$0.001.50
2021 V108 Consider the Evidence Aerosol-Generating Devices for the RDH Hygiene202102-25-20218:00 AM9:30 AMKaren Davis$0.001.50
2021 V104 Lasers in Dentistry: Come & See the Light Lasers202102-25-20218:00 AM9:30 AMDonald Coluzzi$0.001.50
2021 V105 Avoid Liability: Know Your Patients' Medications And Their Impact on Dental Treatment Pharmacology202102-25-20218:00 AM9:30 AMHarold Crossley$0.001.50
2021 V111 Diagnose for Success & Avoid Complications with Implant Overdentures Cases Rem Prosthodontics202102-25-20218:00 AM9:30 AMRonni Schnell$0.001.50
2021 V110 Not your Grandpa’s Check-up: Medical Testing in the Dental Office Integrated Medicine202102-25-20218:00 AM9:30 AMCasey Hein$0.001.50
2021 V117 Calming Dental Drama: It's All About ME Management202102-25-202111:00 AM12:30 PMMaryEllen Psaltis$0.001.50
2021 V107 Distinguishing the Benign from the Deadly: Oral Pathology Update Oral Pathology202102-25-20218:00 AM9:30 AMSusan Muller$0.001.50
2021 V200 Impress with Success: Prep, Impress & Cement Using Evidence Based Techniques for Ceramics Restorative202102-26-20218:00 AM9:30 AMAlan Atlas$0.001.50
2021 V102 Simple, Predictable Crowns & FPDs in 2021 Restorative202102-25-20218:00 AM9:30 AMGordon J Christensen$0.001.50
2021 V115 Things you MUST DO to stay out of trouble in Dental Sleep Medicine Sleep/Airway202102-25-202111:00 AM12:30 PMKen Berley$0.001.50
2021 V120 Mastering Indirect Adhesive Interface Restorative202102-25-202111:00 AM12:30 PMJeff Brucia$0.001.50
2021 V114 High Impact Communication Business/Communications202102-25-202111:00 AM12:30 PMLois Banta$0.001.50
2021 V119 Invisible Pain: Realities within the World of AutoImmune Disease Autoimmune Disorders202102-25-202111:00 AM12:30 PMKaren Davis$0.001.50
2021 V128 Lasers for periodontics: What do we do and what do we know? Lasers202102-25-20212:00 PM3:30 PMDonald Coluzzi$0.001.50
2021 V134 Beyond Caries & Loose Teeth: The Complete Pediatric Dental Exam Pediatric Dentistry202102-25-20212:00 PM3:30 PMGreg Psaltis$0.001.50
2021 V129 Wow! Your Face is Swollen. Pharmacologic Management of Orofacial Infections Pharmacology202102-25-20212:00 PM3:30 PMHarold Crossley$0.001.50
2021 V122 The Digital Future of Complete Dentures: Not Your Grandma’s Denture Anymore Rem Prosthodontics202102-25-202111:00 AM12:30 PMRonni Schnell$0.001.50
2021 V121 I Didn't Know I Had It Integrating Screening for Infectious Diseases Integrated Medicine202102-25-202111:00 AM12:30 PMCasey Hein$0.001.50
2021 V219 Nutrition for Life! Nutrition202102-26-202111:00 AM12:30 PMMaryEllen Psaltis$0.001.50
2021 V131 Oral Red, White & Ulcerative Lesions: What are they? How to treat them? Oral Pathology202102-25-20212:00 PM3:30 PMSusan Muller$0.001.50
2021 V214 Composites: Evidenced Based Protocols for Success Restorative202102-26-202111:00 AM12:30 PMAlan Atlas$0.001.50